Friday, 1 April 2016

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Upcoming News 2016: Dharam Dies, Gaura Blamed Meera

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Upcoming News 2016: Dharam Dies, Gaura Blamed Meera

The Star Plus most demanding show of the Star plus bring out the news about Dharam and Meera. The Upcoming Episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will starting with the scene in which Dharam will be getting die and Gaura blames Meera for his death. Gaura say to Meera that, you have killed my son and you have to hanged till death. 

Actually, how it happened is such a big question to think about. From the last some time, only one discussion is going on, in the house of Gaura. All the family members of Gaura force Vidya to give her baby to Naiya. But Meera is against her.

When all the people are saying to Vidya that, they keep promise to Kadmabari Bhen and mother-in-law of Naiya that we will give Shravan's first baby to Naiya then we will definitely complete our promise. 

And you are nobody to interrupt in between this. Vidya is getting so  disturb by this and she say nothing to anyone. But as we know, Meera is too smart and having a capacity to handle everyone. She tell to every one that, nobody will take my Vidya's baby. If some one will try to do this, then I will kill that person. 

Firstly was getting shocked but she think that Meera is saying this with any concern. But in last, when Dharam decide that, Vidya will not give her baby to anyone and he support her. He call Meera to inform her. But when Meera will come to meet him.

He will try to say something to Meera. But she throw him backside. But Dharam's leg will get slipped out and he will fall from the terrace. Meera will be getting shocked. Let see what will be the next moment in the episode. 

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