Friday, 8 April 2016

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai: Ketki attract towards Sohrab Ji

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai: Ketki attract towards Sohrab Ji
Now days the TV show Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai is now most trending episode which is based on singing talent. Ketki and Kalyani are two daughters of Raja Ram Gaikwad and the mother Devki Gaikwad and the brother Kanishk who is suffering from a big heart disease.

All the family of Katki and Kalyani are now in Mumbai because the doctor suggest to them that Kanishk will be right in Mumbai. Dr. Jahagir will do the operation of Kanishk so finally the whole family decide to go Mumbai.

Ketki take admission in the college with the help of Sohrab Ji. Kalyani is doing struggle to get a chance for singing. So she meet to Vikrant who will give a opportunity to Kalyani. But Kalyani get angry on him because every one are making jokes on Kalyani that Vikrant give this opportunity to Kalyani because Vikrant like her.

That's why she ask to Vikrant that what is the reality, then Vikrant said if you don't have the confidence on yourself then I can't do any thing.

In the upcoming episode of 8th april 2016, Ketki will purpose to Sohrab Ji i.e she likes him. Now let's see that will happen in the next coming episode of MAHPH.

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