Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Update: Divyanka-Vivek Fight News

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Update: Divyanka-Vivek Fight News

Friends, yes if you are reading this article and you come to this page after reading the title then you are thinking right because you are reading about Ishia and Vivek wedding but now they had fight but on screen not in real life. They have no personal issue in their personal life and hope a beautiful wedding life for them.

Yes. we are talking about the serial in which Abhishek fight with Shanaya aka Ishita because Abhishek has doubt about this all that Shanaya is Ishita. In the previous episode shanaya and Raman make plan to arrest nidhi red handed.

And plan was success and now they will try to open the locker where she put the chip of Ishita's Innocent proof.Let's see what will happen in the upcoming story Shanaya what will do with the halp of Raman.

Raman and Ishita have a beautiful chemistry in between them and they will trying to solve out this all story. But Nidhi is also a lawyer and so clever so there is big competition in between Shanaya and Nidhi that who will win this game.

But leave it we are waiting for the upcoming spicy story in which the all story will revolve around Shanaya, Raman, Nidhi, Abhishek and other family members. After few months you can check the latest pics of Ishita and Abhishek Wedding. 

Please keep in touch we will update some more spicy news about Telly Updates. 

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