Monday, 16 October 2017

Arshi Khan Gets Hyper in Bigg Boss 11 Show with Sapna Chaudhary

Arshi Khan Gets Hyper in Bigg Boss 11 Show with Sapna Chaudhary on

One of the most controversial contestants of the  Bigg Boss season 11 is known as Arshi Khan. In this show, Arshi Khan is becoming so much controversial and scandalous contestant which creates a lot of havoc in the house. Firstly, you may read out Arshi Khan Wiki and then read out here which is completely about the activities of the Arshi Khan along with other Bigg Boss 11 contestants especially with Sapna Chaudhary and Shilpa Shinde. 

Actually, the Shilpa Shinde is already so much controversial Bigg Boss 11 contestants in the show because she has created a lot of controversy in the show and even she has been controversial during her AndTV show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai show. That time, Shilpa Shinde blamed the director of the show for the harassment and that time, Vikas Gupta supported the Director instead of Shilpa Shinde. 

Arshi Khan Wiki

But now in Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde has joined hands with Arshi Khan in the starting of the episode but nowadays, they both are doing a lot of fight with each other. There is a rift which may come amid them. They both are looking so much aggressive with each other. Apart from this, Arshi Khan is getting so much excited to check out whether other contestants like her or not but when she calls Sapna as Nachne wali. From that time, Sapna was getting furious for Arshi Khan and she started to hurt Arshi every time and created a lot of issues for her too. 

In the upcoming episodes of the Bigg Boss 11, Arshi Khan will be getting more controversial and heinous for all other contestants of the house. So just watching Bigg Boss 11 contestants Arshi Khan controversies ahead in the show. It would be getting so much excited for all people to check out whether it happens right or wrong. 

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