Thursday, 18 May 2017

Chandra Nandini: Vishakha try hard to get intimate with Chandra, Nandini comes in between them

The Starplus most demanding show which is named as Chandra Nandini in which the Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prashad are casting for the lead roles. As we know, Chandra and Nandini loves each other very badly. But after Durdhra’s death, Chandra started to hate her because all people blamed Nandini for Durdhra’s death. They said that Nandini killed her including Chanakya.
So that Chandra was getting forced to accept this truth and then threw Nandini out from the mahal forever. This was just a punishment for her. But Durdhra gave a birth a son who was named as Bindusaar. Helena is such a rude mother who never takes care of Bindusaar. She only tries to trap Chandra in her love and intimacy. But Chandra doesn’t like her and that’s why he never accepted her as his wife.
 Therefore, Chandra and Helena were going Kaling to attend one marriage where they got Nandini. Nandini started to nurture Bindusaar and he was getting habitual of her. Due to which Chandra and Durdhra brought Nandini back to the mahal forever. But after some time, Nand sends one fake girl in the mahal named as Vishakha. But in real, she is Vishkanya. Chandra Nandini written
Her plan is to trap Chandra in her love and then kills him soon. But somewhere Nandini feels her intentions and she tries to save Chandra from her clutches. Vishakha always tries to get intimate with Chandra but always Nandini comes in between them. Let see whether Vishakha get successful or not? Will Nandini’s love save Chandra’s life from her?
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